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AI-powered annotation tools to meet all your needs for data augmentation, model training, and quality control

Get your Hands on Graphotate

Go from raw image data to trained neural networks in minutes using Graphotate.

Types of Annotation

If you can’t find what you need, you can create your own.

Bounding Boxes

Quickly annotate images or video frames with pixel-accurate bounding boxes. You can copy them over to the next frame, link them to a polygon segmentation, or just train a detector using this fast and easy tool.

Develop and Integrate Your Own Tools & Plugins

Develop, import, and share JS-based tools to allow Graphotate to draw your preferred annotation type.

Store or Share Datasets and Models

You can use existing datasets in your projects, share your trained models openly, and securely store your image data and models for your team to use.

How it Works

Graphotate guides you from loading your raw data to perfect datasets to training your AI.

1. Create your Project

Members of your team can create a new project, define object classes and annotation types, and load any neural network to pre-annotate your data.

2. Upload your data

Graphotate supports both images and video, from tiny ones to 30,000 pixels squared. Image data is stored in secure servers and accessible by your team.

3. Define a Budget

Professional annotators will label your dataset following your deadline and requests. If you have an annotation team already or would like to annotate your own dataset you may skip this step.

4. Annotate

Our fast and semi-automated annotation tool runs on your browser and allows you to create datasets or add annotations to existing ones. You can use a variety of tools and add new ones through our Plugins.

5. Export & Train

Graphotate will scale and augment your data and allows you to define a train/test split so that all you have to do is start the training. When that is done, you may upload your model to test it or use it in future annotations.

What Graphotate Can Be Used for

The different tools within Graphotate enable various industries to create high quality image annotations.


Supporting 30,000 by 30,000 pixel images, you can train AI at any scale.

Augmented Reality

From bounding box detectors to 6D pose estimation, you can identify and track objects for AR.


Whether dealing with X-ray, CT scans, or MRI images, you can obtain the ML datasets that fit your needs.


Track surgical tools through an endoscope or classify the stages of an operation through ML datasets.


From manufacturing to laboratory processes, turn your image data into helpful aides.


Upload large image and easily annotate cancer cells using pre-existing models.


From pickers to drones, you can annotate datasets for autonomous navigation or object manipulation.


Use Graphotate's AI tools to spot astronomical objects in astronomically large images.

People connected over the globe

Building a Highly Professional Workforce

We are putting together a large scale workforce of professionals who can annotate your images within your preferred specifications and deadlines. Graphotate will select annotators who have previously worked on your dataset’s annotation type or domain, and it makes it easy to review their work once it’s completed.

Define a Budget to have professional Annotators label your Dataset

You may review their work or allow redundancy to ensure your dataset represents a perfect ground truth.

Example Project Calculation

3,321Total Images
78Annotation Classes
3-5Objects per Frame
32Days until Deadline
4-5Annotators per Day to Meet the Deadline
Calculated Project Cost1,650 USD